Monday, April 13, 2015


Well, I made it home; only to discover I left my laptop cord at the dang blasted Resort!

I didn’t panic, because I embarrassingly hoard any & all electronic accessories produced. Anyway, much to my dismay, not only did I quickly establish that I did NOT have a cord, it was instantly apparent that the boys had endured a week from hell. They say 'it happens in threes' and last night a skunk came a kockin'... and the pups gladly answered the stinking door! No pun intended.

Glass half full?

WOOT ... #7 Kyle Lowry
(My arms were too short to take the pic!)
TAKEN: APRIL 13th, 2015
When I eventually got a hold of myself, I delivered GOOB home, my JUKEBOX helped with the crisis at hand, and I got on the phone in search of answers. About a half hour later, I heard the front door close and it was GOOB with my belated Birthday gift that had gotten stuck in transit.

Check out my very sexy, #7, Kyle Lowry jersey!

For a number of reasons, his gift arrived at a perfect time. First and foremost, with Lowry healthy (he returned to the lineup for my Birthday) we'll both get to suit up and kick it up a notch when they play the Celtics tomorrow night. Yup, it's now official, from this day forward, T-MAC & K-LOW jerseys will be pumped & ready to go!

Oh, and just another quick thanks again to my boys for their help and support last week. It really was greatly appreciated. xo

PS: ...#WeTheNorth
PSS: Couldn't resist :)