Saturday, April 5, 2014


I am willing to bet money, that if I asked two hundred people (100 I knew and a 100 I didn't) if they ever felt the need to escape from their everyday life, one hundred and ninety eight would say YES. My best guess would be that the two undecided would be women.

I'd also bet, that those same two women would have to ask me to repeat my question.Why? Because they’d have been too busy talking to each other (about the need to escape from their everyday lives) that they would have completely missed my question being asked!

A beach, a book & a camera.
Taken: March 2012
Let’s face it. Before your mind races to the negative, every person has a unique idea of what their personal ‘escape’ might be. 

For me, I lean on time alone. A great book, a movie in bed, or a long walk whilst singing my very favourite songs aloud.

In many ways, this silly blog is probably my most frequented escape.

Yet, my latest escape actually happened this morning. I unexpectedly headed to the laundry mat and I didn’t know a single soul in a town where I thought I knew everyone. I loved the sound of the water swishing around in the washing machines and rumble of the clothes in the dryers. I suddenly found an inner calmness in everyone minding their own business. It was in that very moment, I knew I'd escaped. I opened my notebook and chose my word.

Today was the very best kind of escape I live to experience: the unexpected kind.

Who knew that a plethora of well heated Bounce dryer sheets could smell so good?