Tuesday, July 30, 2013

She's Kickin' Ass & Takin' Names!

For about the last year I have been asking myself how do I start explaining solid "life lessons?” In this particular instance, it came to fruition about a month ago. My daughter is moving an hour South in a minute and a half, and though it’s been a rich topic of discussion, it has also had me worried. Worried until about 9:15am this morning.

Let me back up. She graduated from her chosen career path in the Spring of 2012. She returned home after finishing school because she wasn’t ready to enter the workforce without the comforts of home. After a year of said comfort, she is returning to where she went to school to start her career, partially because she’s sick of home. I couldn't be more proud.

She has a plan. A pretty friggin’ great plan if you ask me. Honestly, I have never watched her be more self-confident in her entire life. She knows what she wants and by golly she’s going out there to get it.

She never misses a ball game.
How nice is it she waited for his season to end?

Taken July 11th, 2013
With her Dad riding shotgun, they ventured out with the thirty two resumes in hand. She hand delivered most, landed two interviews and has three solid leads on positions in the next couple of weeks.

Tonight brings emotion that I have spoken of before but for the first time today I realize is a hard reality. My job here is done. 

Way to go Staci. I knew you’d totally kick ass today.

YUP, my Sweetie kick some, and had them take her name!