Wednesday, July 24, 2013


When you truly know someone. You've been blessed.
GO Thelma & Louise... I mean Rhondi & Jo!
Taken: July 23rd, 2013
For my entire life, my cousin Joanne and I have been as close as sisters and stayed tighter than your best tied knot. 

As kids, living over 100 miles apart we were serious Public School Pen-Pals. Then, while I figure skated off season at Double Rinks, we were 'summer roomies' through high school. 

We definitely did the college commute thing to a tee, and she's lived in Muskoka since 1990 when she married (one of my husband's best buds whom she met at our 1988 wedding). 

Harsh reality is that I see her less than my Maytag repairman. Really harsh reality? ALL of my appliances are made by General Electric!

What can I say? She’s one of the hardest working women I have ever known and connecting sometimes seems impossible. We chat and text every single day but because of our very busy lives we rarely make the effort to connect face to face. Our homes are about a mile apart.

Yesterday, on a spur, she and I did lunch. We were in the zone. That very same zone we have known our entire lives. As I held up my phone, I asked her to throw me up a peace sign, and without hesitation she did. It was like we were fourteen years old again riding our bikes down Marshall Park to the Mini Putt. We were together. We were us. Once again ready to rule the world!

What can I say other that this gal has always made me feel I could accomplish anything I put my mind to. She will ALWAYS be my hero. In two words?

Lucky me!