Sunday, February 19, 2023


If my memory serves me correctly, Family Day became a statutory holiday in Ontario in 2008, and I remember those first few years of chilly Monday celebrations fondly.

We’d load up the mini van and go glow in the dark mini putting, five or ten-pin bowling, snow tubbing or tobogganing if weather permitted. As a family, we would always decide how we would spend the day, and officially vote on what we would have for our evening family meal.

Then, as life happens, the celebration of the mid-winter day saw the kids grown and gone and our nest completely empty. 

It was at that point we transitioned the conventional holiday into ‘Family Furbaby Day’ (FFD). The one paid holiday, where I would get up and make the pups a great breakfast, before we’d head outside by noon for an adventure that was totally dedicated to them having fun.

Since its inception, we have taken FFD pics of our special day all over Muskoka. We've never really decided what we are going to do until that weekend, but we both have always known where our focus would land... On them!

My hubby taming 'The Oreo Gang (Version 2)' with a treat.
TAKEN: FEBRUARY 19th, 2022

This year, because our newest addition was so tiny and had no hair on her belly, we decided to simply head to the cottage, hike our plowed road, and keep up top at the cottage not to wear her out. 

As a precaution for the wee one, I jimmy-rigged a backpack that I would put on my front so she could see the big dogs in action and stay warm at the same time. Turns out, she’s a true Rockstar and kept up nicely with her little legs.

Anyway, I posted the photo I am sharing on another social platform today disclosing the following:

In Ontario, today is truly dedicated to work/life balance.

Personally, I only discovered the meaning of the phrase once my husband had to have life altering surgery and wasn't expected to live. 

I hope everyone embraced today as we did. 

#lifeisshort #lovewhatyoudo #happyfamilyday

Embrace it we did...

Turkey bacon all around at breakfast, then zoom-zoom down all the backroads with the windows open for all the smells, and great treats once on the trail. 

What else can I say, other than our twelve paws and four legs loved being outdoors together on a beautiful Muskoka Monday.

Enjoying a really spectacular day.

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