Sunday, January 22, 2023


As I shared here last summer, never, have I ever, rushed to replace a pup out of sheer emotion. And though I know you can’t ever replace a dog, when my Puddin’ died of cancer last June, our deep friendship and her beautiful characteristics left a void like no other I have ever experienced. 

With my heart ache not subsiding, about three months after Puddin’ crossed the rainbow bridge, I reached out to our amazing CKC registered breeder that we purchased Miya Maria from - asking her to put me ‘on the list’ for a yellow female should her beloved Minnie have one.

I will be honest, she only breeds one litter a year, so our expectations where that we would have a wait. Then, on December 5th, I got the call. 

Minnie had in fact had a litter of nine and there were two yellow females available. Now, you may think that we could have passed and waited a couple of years, but that is where this gets truly heart wrenching. 

There had been complications in the night with Minnie’s delivery that included a trip to the emergency vet, the delivery of the nine babes, and a full hysterectomy for our mama: rendering her sterile.

If we wanted the same lineage and an extension of Miya, this would be our only opportunity. My husband and I both immediately agreed, without hesitation, we were buying another dog!

Allow me to introduce the newest member of our puppy pack - KATIE
TAKEN: JANUARY 21st, 2023

When visiting our new girl again yesterday, we were told owners like ourselves had intended to purchase, but for reasons unknown to us have decided against. That said, because our breeder really does only work on a referral basis, I offered to get the word out as there are still a couple of these beauties available.

Now, I caution carefully. You should only reach out if you're looking to have the most amazing pet experience imaginable and for your heart to be filled with puppy love for years to come. 

I can attest first hand that with my husbands health woes last year, Miya truly changed his outlook and for the first time in all the dogs we've had, he has that magical connection I had with Toby, Puddin', and continue to have with my ten year old Annie. 

If you think this is something that may interest you. You can send me a personal message, or hop over to Facebook and check out Labradorables and message Leslie directly. 

Better yet, here's a link: Leslie @ Labradorables 

I promise, you won't be disappointed. 

Oh, and be sure to let her know that the wonderful Katie Lulu sent you!


  1. If I were as young as you, I would take Katie's sister in a minute!

    1. I would love to take her and keep them together too... but I fear I would get divorced! #yagottalaughaboutit