Thursday, September 18, 2014

Snow? NO... Frost? YES!

Sweetie full of SNOW
TAKEN: Sep 10th /14
I asked my daughter to take a selfie of herself so that I could appreciate the snowstorm she was enduring last week in Calgary. Actually, I couldn't believe that she was needing to wear her winter coat and gloves a minute and a half after wearing white would have been considered her biggest fashion faux pas!

The dad-gum honest truth is that I felt sorry for her, yet hopeful for us in Muskoka. My thought process being that with all the shitty weather we've  had, we may actually have a shot at an Indian Summer. Right on schedule, this morning, I was given a glimmer of hope.

Not because I was bundled up with a fire on and it was a balmy 5C outside... but because there's a frost warning in effect for tonight. (I'm not sure if you know this; in order to have a chance at an Indian Summer, there has to have been two bouts of overnight frost prior.) Though the leaves started to change earlier than normal this season, they seem to have stalled. Again, more  hope.

The pic I am posting is one I took while sunbathing on Saturday September 14th, 2013. I guess what has me really pissed off is that this time last year I was worried about harmful UV rays... Not getting stinking frost bite!

It is what it is and I will spin it however I see fit. Try and stay positive as I head to the cottage in the morning for what I believe to be my last stretch living there before it gets closed for the winter. I'm not saddened by the thought, I had a great time this year. I simply refuse to say 'this summer' because it never truly arrived.

As my friends start changing their profile pictures to include their skis and sleds I'm doing the opposite. I'm selecting my plethora of swimsuits and the dozen pairs of shoes I'll  need to pack for my trip. YUP, I've cashed in all my pop bottles and heading South in November.  Truth of the matter is I've gone non-stop since I left my job last December.

Leaving on a jet plane may be  the best way for me to embrace my very interesting albeit exhausting year.. She's been a bit of a ride to say the least.