Tuesday, September 30, 2014


My cottage neighbour and I rocking her SeaDoo Sunday afternoon
Taken: SEPTEMBER 28th, 2014

Allow me to introduce you to the back of the head of my friend Shelly. Not only is she a boatload of fun, she's a great neighbour. You know what people say, you should always consider yourself blessed if you have great neighbours. At our cottage, on our specific stretch of the shore, we have only three. Which brings me to that other famous saying ... Two out of three ain’t bad! HA!

Anyway, when I pulled back in the cottage drive mid afternoon last Saturday, I neglected to look down her lane to see if her truck was there. Instead, I messaged her when I settled on the dock with the radio blaring and I was sunbathing alone.

"You're missin' some beauty weather girlfriend... GREAT day" I typed.

"No I'm not country girl. We've been hanging out on the dock all day. It's GORGEOUS" she replied. As soon as I read her BBM message, it was instantly ON. Suffice is to say, we both enjoyed the rest of our weekend.

As Shelly headed back to the City Monday morning, I also headed back into Town. With Monday being another amazing weather day, we couldn't help but touch base. Just like myself, she gets restless when it comes time to leave. It's not because what we have is extravagant, matter a fact it's the polar opposite. For similar reasons, our small piece of waterfront property, offers both of us a sense of sanity and emotional security.

She's back for two week in October but I don't own a wet suit so I suspect that last Sunday was my last ride for the 2014 season. Even worse, I know we won't be able to stand in the water and chat for hours on end. Makes no matter, I only have four words for Shelly.


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