Monday, September 29, 2014

…Looking Past The Obvious!

A friend and former colleague of mine is leaving the company I use to work for next Friday: he’s also immediately leaving area and eventually the country. I've only seen him once in passing since I left my job last December and we've never spoken. Knowing of his eminent departure, I reached out to him last week, hoping he’d see me to at least say good bye before he goes. I am pleased to report he's agreed to do so.

Short story long, the supply and demand of my construction experience had me back in the heart of my old stomping ground today. It was in response to a last minute call for help from a very well respected Muskoka Builder. As expected, as I put my measuring buddy to work, the Builder and I sat and reminisced.  We talked openly and fondly of our mutual friend and we equally expressed our disappointment that he was leaving. 

When the task was complete. My measuring buddy and I proceeded to take a tour around the Lakes. We unexpectedly ended up at Windermere House on Lake Rosseau for lunch. The sun was bright and the conversation light. As I held up my phone to snap the picture that I’m posting, my lunch date asked me what I was doing.

I shook my head and verbalized why I was going to miss my friend that was leaving next week. I explained that I felt the photo represented where he and I are at (at this exact given time). My glass is more than half full and his is bone dry empty. To which he said something that earned him a hug.

Enjoying an impromptu lunch at Oliver & Bonacini
“Look past the water in the glass Rhondi” he said.

“Now... Look at the view from where you’re sitting” he continued.

“Let's hope your friend is looking to what's ahead of him, not the glass of water right in front of him!”

It was perfect.

My departing friend isn't an internet guy, but when I have lunch with him this week, I am going to show him this picture and tell him what my friend Will said. Looking at the situation at hand (with exactly that outlook) is the perfect way to make best of a shitty situation. 

I guess I know first-hand that starting over isn't easy. Let's hope Sir William is right.

... & my departing friend has enough vision to feel the same way about his future as we do!