Monday, November 4, 2013

Question: Is It The Five Year Itch?

What a weekend. I had a great time at the Fall Cottage Life Show, yet when I finally arrived home last night I was bagged. Though I love 'Trade Show Rhondi' I am thinking it may be time to put her out to pasture.

The energy, the bubbly appearance, the overall approach, is becoming far more difficult to pull off than it use to be. Ten years ago I use to flip a switch and voila; now a days I basically need to seek out a generator to go the distance.

Because the almighty exhaustion/excessive commerce/ one three punch/ ain't for the faint of heart,  when I arrived at work today I had a crazy long list of things waiting for me to do. Then, after a brief strategic conversation with a colleague, it hit me. I can't believe how much I miss being my own Boss. As my mind wandered I couldn't help but ask myself how long has it been?

Oh how I miss my home Office...
Taken: November 5th, 2008
It's been years: five years to be exact.

Yup, the photo I am sharing tonight was taken five years ago this week.

I truly remember the moment I threw my coat on and headed outside. Oh how I miss my home office.

Nostalgic moment over, I feel almost obligated to admit that I do have a pretty sweet job as an employee. I feel I unconditionally give an honest days work, for an honest days pay. Still, tonight, my mind is wandering.

I can't seem to get the idea out of my head of how great it would be to get up tomorrow morning, pour myself a cup of coffee, then sit at my desk. I know I'd show up at the same level I currently do every single day; I'd enjoy the company of great people, I'd break for lunch at twelve thirty....  All while sitting in my very sexy home office chair! 

Without a doubt I am being reflective on how successful I was personally before the American economy fell.  I look at my picture tonight (the one I took exactly five years ago) and I know one thing was for certain...

I had something both monetarily tangible and strategic to offer, and at the end of the day, and my life was very very good.

Pass the Doritos!