Friday, April 26, 2013


Sun, just like water and fire, have my unconditional respect. All three are extremely dangerous when taken for granted. It was evident night before last around 7pm when the effects of the hypnotic power of the UV rays bouncing off the Atlantic had been ignored all day.

Both my daughter and my sister had suffered a terrible burn the first day in the wind. My sunscreen kept me free from harm yet I was a little bummed that I hadn't really tanned. Each day brought weather challenges but the day before yesterday was absolutely perfect and my skin was more protected than any condom commercial ever produced.

Out and about early, I ventured about a mile up the beach, and swam in the ocean most of the day. My daughter was cautious so that her skin could heal but my sister was another story. Miss "my skin needs to burn before I can get a tan" needed an Olympic size swimming pool of aloe and a bottle of Advil to fall asleep night before last. Man, her skin made fire engine red look pink!

April 26th, 2013 - WALKABOUT
Wailing for the SkyWheel to start. Amazing!
Taken: April 25/13
With an overcast day in the weather forecast, our plan yesterday was to head to the Hub for a walkabout.  

Staci and I wanted to walk the Pier and take in the large Ferris wheel that had caught our attention  last Christmas.

We enjoyed a fun lunch then fed our parking meter just north of Ocean Blvd. We walked and talked heading to our first stop which was the landmark SkyWheel. After five rotations we headed to the Pier, took some great pictures, then shopped until we dropped.

The only downside? Though our walkabout was amazing, when we got back to the house, Puddin' and Dot had been into mischief. In the middle of the living room was our jar of peanut butter open, with about a third of it gone.

In shock my sister yells "how the hell did she get that off the shelf it was on in the pantry"? My response was the immediate and obvious. "She stood on Dottie's back!

"How did they get it open" she continued. Staci didn't miss a beat, "by using their thumbs silly!" 

That's MY GIRL! Why? Because life is short... Ya Gotta Laugh About It. 

As promised, this one's for you Brian Morrison. This one's for you!