Tuesday, April 23, 2013


From the time I was a small child my parents puts a strong emphasis on a family vacation. Because my father worked maintaining large machinery, July summer shutdown was when we would always venture away.

Traditions are hard to break. My husband never traveled as a child so when I would share all the photos of the places I'd been he agreed that travel was something worth saving for.  Our own adventures started when the twins were ten months old.

So far this has been an amazing "girls" trip. I did cheat a little this morning. Blocked for a "T" word, I sent my first and only email since leaving home. After a couple of suggested words, I wished them a good day, then fired my  Blackberry back into the night stand drawer and started my day. 

April 23rd, 2013
Taken: This morning...
Feeling great, I proceeded to enjoy a quick shower, then Staci and I ventured out. With no particular destination in mind, we  landed on the Main Street in Cherry Grove to enjoy a morning walkabout. 

Just like the Gorbies that loiter outside of Marty's in Muskoka, Staccs and I jumped at the chance to pose out front of Miss. Vickie's.

As I loaded the pictures off my camera I conceded the harsh reality. I was officially that dreaded "T" word.