Wednesday, March 13, 2013

P!nkture Perfect!

I’m exhausted. Every time I “Spring forward” it really does screw with my sleep patterns. 

How does a girl compound losing an hour of sleep at an inopportune time of year? Toss in a front row experience at a P!nk concert and voila; you’re guaranteed to be breathing through your eyelids!

♫ ♪♫   Have you ever fed a lover with just your hands? ♪♫♪
(The hair stood on my arms as she began...)
Taken: March 11th, 2013 - ACC Toronto
Photo Credit: ME
What can I say? 

It was a really amazing and well worth the lethargy. 

That said, there were a couple of things that caught me off guard. 

The waiting around and the "wannabe’s” were brutal. Seriously folks; you don't know her so shut the hell up!!

And three; the experience itself was a bigger surprise than expected. 

As bizarre as it sounds, it was kinda like I was dreaming.

My meeting another single ticket holder was definitely an added bonus. My meeting another single ticket holder, that was a seasoned concert goer (that would never for settle for anything less that a spot in a concert Pit) was a godsend. 

Just like me; Basil loves music more than expensive shoes. 

She understands the entire culture and she is anything but a “wannabe”. She was soft spoken and warned me of certain things to watch out for. Waiting indoors after checking in, she helpfully answered my questions without frustration. While others around us were whining, she took everything in stride. She just had an amazing energy.

I was intrigued that she had studied the videos online. As a result, she knew exactly where we needed to be for the optimal concert experience. Because it was a General Admission area, we worked together (for hours) to ensure that we kept 'our spot' for the show. I didn’t realize how cut throat the area was going to be until it got closer to show time. That's when people started to manoeuvre for our space. The exact space that Basil had handpicked for us.

All of that said, last night via Facebook my newest friend said something to me that makes me realize just how people can get carried away. “Not many Pit rookies would help young girls get their hands touched by P!nk, that's a veteran move.  I'm sure it was MUCH appreciated” she said.

I had helped by putting the desires of two ten year old girls (that’s didn’t have VIP tickets) ahead of myself. P!nk took the time to acknowledged all of us but those girls will remember that for the rest of their lives. I’ll remember the looks on their faces and the gratitude that was shared by all. Even now I am smiling; hard to believe others wouldn't embrace the opportunity but it's true.

As Staci and I head down for Rihanna next Monday, I was explaining (to my friend Dave) today where our seats are; 20th row on the floor. As I look forward to my next experience there is only one thing I know to be true. The pictures won’t be nearly as perfect! 

Thanks P!nk... and Basil too.