Thursday, March 14, 2013

Literally A Dog's Breakfast!

For whatever reason our dogs have always had a focus on my things. All things that are mine; nothing in particular. Let’s just say using history as a guide (for the better part of a decade) I have always kept my shoes in a closet vault under lock and key.

Well, last Friday night I got all gussied up and headed to the Annual MBA Spring Fling. It's not like it was a super formal event but let's just say no one showed up in  denim jeans and a Muskoka Dinner Jacket.

Dog tired when I arrived home (no pun intended) I accidentally left my super expensive sandal back leather shoes on the landing by the front door. The weekend passed without event. Silly me, it never once registered that I should return my wee gems to the shoe vault in my closet.

As you know, I left for Toronto bright and early Monday morning; by the time I returned home late Tuesday afternoon, the deed was done. Puddin’ had been eagerly snacking on my favourite leather dancing shoe. UGH! I shook my head and rolled my eyes. I obviously blamed myself for leaving a really tender piece of beef jerky by the door, and tried to immediately let it go. Sucks to be me.

Glass half full? Could have been the new purse I bought Tuesday!
Taken: March 14th, 2013 (at 6:30am)
Going through the motions of a regular workday, I got out of the shower this morn, and wandered into the living room.

There they both were; enjoying a very expensive luxury breakfast. 

My guess? Dottie realized after her Quirky Sidekick didn’t get her sorry ass booted into next week for the first shoe, the other must automatically have her name on it.

What did I do?

Chuckled; grabbed my phone and snapped this pic. Why? Because life is too short.  Ya Gotta Laugh About it! 

Which is exactly what I did.