Saturday, November 3, 2012

Officially Closed For Business!

As predicted, I awoke this morning with bells on and a mission in mind. When I have a lot of different things I need to accomplish, I get myself organized before I even start. That way, with a plan of attack and I am far more productive.

Still in my jammies, one look at the local weather forecast had me instantly change my list of things to do. Without hesitation, I knew first up had to be closing the cottage. So I hauled out my long johns, located my gloves, and chose a winter coat. I threw that puppy on and SHAZAM! Found twenty bucks in the left hand pocket so I was giddy from the get go.

Once I landed, everything went like clockwork. Started in the upstairs bedroom and worked my way down (packing and cleaning as I went). Keep in mind I'd carted crap in there since March and most of it had to make its way up the hill today.

Clothes are clothes. I have cottage items that stay put but my 182 bathing suits needed to make their way home. The suits were nothing compared to the shock I received packing the upstairs bathroom. I have a floor to ceiling shelf and that sucker was packed. An entire bag full bag of hair and skin care products alone. Holy small fortune Batman!

Peace Out Orillia Lake. See ya next season!
As I headed downstairs I was amazed at what had to be packed. I can’t believe the amount of food I lugged up the stairs. So much so that I had to bring an additional chest freezer in from the garage to house the overflow. The good news is that there was little waste.

Everything from the outside was brought inside and everything was put where it needs to be for the duration. The downstairs bedroom is packed to the rafters and the door was sealed so that if I do go in over the winter it will heat quickly.

I’m not sad the cottage season is over. I love winter. I know I’ll enjoy downhill skiing on Sundays and I’ve been thinking. I haven’t owned a pair of cross country skis since before the kids were born. Seeing that I won't run during the winter, maybe I can cross country ski the golf course with the dogs. I've walked the course via snowshoe for years because I've always had a dog on a lead. Knowing they'll both stay within earshot? That right there makes me want to go shopping!

Peace Out Orillia Lake… You’re officially closed for business!