Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy FIRST Anniversary To US!

Today is the first anniversary of Ya Gotta Laugh About It; not only is it the first anniversary, today represents my 100th post. When I look back at my stats, my very first offering received a whopping 58 hits, my how times have changed. They’ve changed thanks to all of you!

In preparing for today I took a peek at the past. When I look at the previous 99 posts they all have a unique and neatly woven slant. As silly as it sounds they all represent something really close to me at a point in time when I needed share. Some tell a story that only I know, some were so painful to write they still bother me to read, and some were just me being lighthearted and fun.

I’m not proud to admit that this time last year I was lost and extremely lonely. I started this thingamajig as an outlet; a way to personally cope and not focus on the boatload of negative energy in my life, hence the title. Irrespective how the name came to be, one year later I am pleased to report it’s been a very interesting journey.  It really does feel great to know I have come out the other side relatively unscathed.

Are there scars? Absolutely! Can I look at every single one of them with understanding and love? Like everything in life, some things are harder to reconcile than others. Some wounds have only recently scabbed over but in time I am confident they too will fully heal. They always do.

Thank you my friend. This says it all.

I am grateful for each and every one of you that have inboxed me with your comments and concern, as well as your unconditional support and feedback. I am humbled by all that made an effort to stop me in the grocery store, yell to me in any given parking lot, or start a  phone conversation or text with …“Hey Rhondi did you post? I love your blog!”

A year later, I'm quite proud of this funky little make work project. It  has brought my sister and I closer together, helped me grieve the loss of loved ones, not to mention was the conversation starter that blossomed a life changing friendship.

It's been a blast! Be it my love of chicken or a memorable three word sentence; my HENS, my dogs, my Chiroprator or something as simple as a surprise... it's all been extremely cathartic to share.

On that note, I'd like to show my appreciation to each and every one of you for reading. Your support has in turn helped me understand first hand that "life is too short to let the glass half empty crap win".. So HEY each and every one of you folks.. THANKS!