Thursday, October 18, 2012

Time For A Good Fall Cleaning!

For whatever reason, I am feeling a little under the weather. The reality is today is the third day in a row I won’t be venturing into work.  At first I thought it was my body telling me to stop and regroup. This morning I am thinking it’s something much bigger than that.

Here’s a question for you? Have you ever had a “record scratch moment?” 

You know the type; when something happens and it’s like time freezes? All you hear is the needle dragging across the vinyl rrrrrrrrrrrrr and when it stops there’s just an eerie silence. 

I had three very personal “record scratch moments” in less than 24 hours this week. All three events involved completely different scenarios, each linked to very different facets of my life, each moment emotionally significant.

As I slept all day yesterday and tossed and turned all last night, I know it’s time. Time for a good fall cleaning. That’s right, time to take a good look around and start removing the excess emotional clutter.

Let's call a spade a spade. It’s been a hectic six months I completely get that. But I also know that a heap of emotion in my everyday life has truly subsided. Just as the leaves clutter up the front lawn and gully, for various reasons I feel a similar clutter in my thoughts. Hence my need for a good fall cleaning. The question is where to start? 

Maybe I’ll flip a coin. As a leader, I’ll want to be fair. I think the one side of my coin most definitely should be “never go to bed angry.”  Then, to honestly find balance, I must insist that the other side of my coin remind me that “I can’t want this enough for everyone else.”

Just like that, the clearing of clutter is underway!