Monday, October 15, 2012

Have Dogs Will Pedal…

Years ago I was given a five seat pedal boat from the guys developing the Birch Haven Resort property on Lake of Bays. It was never in great shape but hell FREE made it perfect. And from the time it landed in the water at Orilla Lake, it’s always been known as the boat that floats.

We have a water ski boat, as well as a row boat, but I spend the majority of my time in this kinda old plastic thingy that is really a sight for sore eyes. Why? I'll admit I enjoy the exercise but more importantly because my dog Dot is obsessed with it!

Sally, Dot, Casey & Goob
I guess the first dog to experience "The Beast" was Sally. In an effort to reel in the 'she terror' she was, we brought Dottie into the fold. Once Sally left us in July 2010, it quickly became evident that Dot was lonesome. I had always struggled with the Jack Russell tendencies Sally displayed but I absolutely loved her Beagle disposition. Hence my search for Daisy. She came to us via Kijjijji when she was five months old. 

Once I fully understood what a beagle needed, "The Beast" became an important tool to help Daisy exercise her nose. For hours at a time I would wander along the shoreline so that her sense of smell could get a workout. Never once did the boat that floats leave the dock without Dot in the back of it. 

Daisy n' Me
Dot and Daisy went together like peas and carrots. After Dot made it home and Daisy didn't, not only did she have to deal with the loss of her best friend, she was handed an eight week old puppy on a platter. 

When I moved to the cottage for the summer, the only thing Dot had that was hers was "The Beast". The pup was afraid of it initially, so naturally that was where Dot wanted to spend the majority of her time.

I remember making a promise that I would take her out for a pedal every evening and I did. By mid July, it was hot at night and Africa hot on the weekends. Made no matter to the dog. All I would have to say is one word "boat" and she was in it like a flash. 

With the summer behind me I would be remiss if I didn't say, "thanks Spottie Dottie!" My legs look amazing and that's part and parcel to you and your endearing obsession with the very ugly boat that floats.

My Sunbathing Buddy
My Reading Club Buddy
My Back of the Boat Riding Buddy
My Cavalcade of Colour Buddy

My Very Best Friend....