Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Stop Talking and Keep Pouring….

Today was an interesting day for me; so before you start telling me about your day, I need you to stop talking and keep pouring!  It’s my blog so I’ll go first.

Well, it seems I went to bed on the wrong side last night and got up this morning on the very same side. I`ll give props to my morning wake up text which had me smiling, but when I arrived at work it was like the entire property had a storm cloud over it like the hearse belonging to the Addams Family.

Question: Why is it on the days you want to blend in with the wallpaper challenges arise making it impossible? From the time I started this morning`s meeting; no matter what I did or where I turned, I was frustrated and agitated.

I know it’s the compilation of ‘a lot of nothing’. But one has to admit sometimes we ignore the nothings until they amount to something. I think today was a toxic combination of months of nothing.

For my own reasons, I choose to rarely talk about what I do for a living. I am pleased to report that 99% of the time I can say “I am one of the lucky few that love what I do for a living” today just wasn’t one of those days. Suffice is to say, tomorrow should be interesting.

I’ll get off my soapbox now, give you a great big hug, and nicely ask… “How was your day?”