Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dial 1-900-BANTER. No Fees & Only Playful Chat Allowed!

Like most leaders, I spend a good portion of my day on the phone. Some days I actually feel like the telephone receiver is just an added (very fashionable) appendage to my overall ensemble.

That said; does anyone else find it interesting that today’s generation rarely talk on the telephone? They all seem to have one, guess they just have no desire to dial the silly thing. Hey, I’m the first to stand on my soap box and declare “you can’t stop change only manage it” so I'll ask. Do thumbs offer the same emotional reassurance as a pleasant sounding voice? I vote no way José!

To me there's nothing better than a great phone call.  When I hear the other person's genuine tone and candid laughter it's truly invigorating. I really do find comfort knowing that I am helping someone else have a really great day. It's how I feel; there is nothing like laughter and the light hearted banter that generates it.

I love banter period but telephone banter is amazing. It's been my personal experience that great telephone banter is something that is skillfully crafted over time. It develops with ease and grows at a steady pace. In no time, it becomes like second nature and a part of who you are as phone friends.

As an example, I was out of the office this afternoon and one of my clients spoke with my boss. He was calling in to pay a substantial bill and I guess my Bossman was the one that ended up on the other end of the line. When I returned to work, he questioned me about the call and the account. “Is there something you want to tell me” he asked.

When I asked why, he reported that after he thanked my client for his continued business, he was quizzically asked “is that it?” My client then disclosed that “Rhondi never takes my money without saying something sarcastic; I just figured it was company policy!” 

I howled with laughter and reminded my boss that he was awarded my “2011 Favourite Phone Friend Award” yet to me it was a mission accomplished. Great phone friends are extremely rare. 

It's a new year and a brand new award season. 

The absolute front runner for 2012 is a guy who is as quick witted as I and spent his teen summers obsessed with a cottage country Beaver Lumber store.

What can I say? We have really great... "phone".