Monday, September 10, 2012

I Truly LOVE A Rainy Muskoka Weekend!

I had a short week. I golfed in a tourney over in Hailburton last Friday and landed at the cottage about 8:30pm that night. It was cold and damp but nothing I couldn’t handle. I was tired when I arrived but as silly as it sounds, I found comfort in the pouring rain. It made for a very relaxing evening.

Due to the dry summer we've just endured, I've missed being tucked into bed watching the storms roll in. Rainfall at the cottage has always kept me company and this past Friday night did not disappoint. It was amazing.

Orillia Lake has a steel roof, so when it rains as hard as it did this past weekend, sound sleep is not one of the perks. I’m not complaining; to me there is nothing more soothing than rain hitting the steel roof at the cottage. With my bedroom patio door open, I was happy to throw on another duvet, enjoying a great night of soothing yet seriously interrupted sleep.

Photo Cred: Rhondi
...very well said Norwood Theatre!
With the soggy weather continuing Saturday morning I found myself sipping a hot cup of coffee, watching my favourite DVD's, and stretched out in a warm cozy bed with my dogs.

What finally got me motivated? It was the idea of a touring of some of the Districts most famous ghost towns, which just happen to be located in the middle of nowhere. Who knew that rainfall could lead to such a unique adventure?

I am very proud to admit that I live and work in Muskoka. And for the first time in over a decade I got to enjoy a snapshot of its breath taking topography and deeply rooted history.

I've missed you Muskoka and I am truly sorry I've stayed away so long. With the season quickly changing, I am pleased to announce to all the folks in Cooper's Falls that I'll be back.

Sooner than later folks!