Thursday, May 24, 2012

We Love You Uncle Fern...

I knew when I read the message “call me as soon as you get this” it was going to be life changing. It was. However, nothing could have prepared me for the shock I was about to receive.

The first time I met Monsieur Fernand Latour was before I ever started dating my husband. In fact, I think the first time the Lake Temisc Crew met my new beau, was at Janet and Fern’s wedding.  Suffice is to say the men bonded instantly, and "the new guy" was declared “a keeper”.

Tony and I married the following year (this pic was taken our first trip to Camp as a married couple - summer of 1988). 

As our children arrived he was always 'Uncle Fern'. And I honestly can’t begin to express the impact that he & 'Auntie Janet' had on all three of their young lives.

He was the "COOL" Uncle, and he was all they would talk about on their three hour Friday night ride to Poppa's Camp.

From rides on his four-wheeler, to tubing behind his boat, he was there for the kids, not the mention everyone at Camp. 

I must admit, though he had a crazy ability to produce a huge bonfire at a moments notice, it was his smile and the tone of his voice that would greet you and let you know you were home. His whole face would light up, he'd nod, as his deep voice would ask you “comment ca va?"

Glass half full? His amazing friendship that I was lucky enough to see many benefit from (especially my dad). His hosting the men with a bottle of Southern Comfort (with the built in shot glass lid) where all without breasts were welcome. Most of all? Our long chats about business, the stock valuation of the company he worked for, and his job in particular. I will always have an unconditional respect for what he’d accomplished in his life.

They say it “takes a village to raise a child” and I say only if that village has a really great Uncle Fern!

Rest in peace my friend, we love you  and you will be greatly missed...