Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rhondi's Motto? "MUST LOVE GOLF!"

After a very long and emotional day yesterday, I arrived home to enjoy two of my favourite things; a quiet  dinner and the camaraderie of the kids and I hitting golf balls into the gully. Golf has always been something I’ve really enjoyed. 

I vividly remember the first time my Dad asked me walk nine holes with him. I remember being in awe of how far he could hit the ball. He started me off with putter and by the end of that first season I was hitting all of my four clubs. I was ten years old. 

After graduating high school my focus changed; from sports to men, men to marriage, and of course a family followed. When the twins were old enough to head to the ball park with their dad - I started to golf again. 

I must admit I've never focused on spending a lot of money on top of the line clubs (bought my first set at a lawn sale) instead I've always focused on my technique. The Golf Channel in the late 1990’s? ...My friend! 

Flash forward to 2011. I golfed every Friday last season and realized how much I loved and truly missed the sport. After hitting my buddy Dave’s TaylorMade driver last August (and putting it on the front of the green) I knew a financial investment was imminent. 

My self-gifted Mother’s Day present of brand new TaylorMade Rocketballz is something that I feel I have earned (kind of like a graduation present for my empty nest). After playing this afternoon I shot my lowest score ever for nine holes but that’s not why I am smiling. Today, I golfed alone, for the very first time in my life.

Play was painfully slow, so after waiting and waiting, I ended up hooking up with a twosome of men behind me. Boy, that last sentence just reads wrong. Hang on, it gets better. How crazy is it when a woman hits a monster drive, she hears strange men yell “good stroke” Bizarre? Not really, golf truly has it's own language. It’s a passion! A passion that is worth the effort, that I can honestly call my own, an escape. It may only last a couple of hours but that time belongs to me. 

Moral of my post? Those really close to me, that want to be entitled to my quality time? "MUST LOVE GOLF!"