Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My Happy Hoarding Habit

Well, it’s that time of year again. When my short sleeve shirts and tank tops, get replaced with a variety of fleece hoodies or my favourite rain slicker. That change in weather tells me it’s time to start shopping and hoarding specific items for the winter. 

In an effort to offset our increased household bills like hydro, I've always religiously bought in bulk after Labour Day. If it’s on the list, and it’s on SALE, I’m buying a boat load of it. Sounds good in theory right? But, in an effort to hunker down for the winter, I tend to get lured into the biggest bargain bin of them all: the MOVIE bin!

Imagine that....
Went shopping for dryer sheets and came home with a bunch of movies!
Taken:  September 6th, 2014
I've been been hoarding, I mean collecting movies for years. Matter a fact, I'm not exactly sure how many titles I own.

I think if I counted; the number of DVD's vs. the number of VHS tapes, would be very close in quantity.

Though the VHS flicks are tucked away into small dressers and boxes, the DVD's you see on display come with a very specific road map. 

Those out front of me are the "newbies". Purchased last Saturday, their home has yet to be determined and delegated. The ones on the rack to the left are the ones my husband refuses to watch. Put one of those on puppies on and he's either already asleep OR he expects something in trade. His policy? No rain checks allowed!

The ones to the right, above the DVD player to the ceiling, are in our neutral zone. We both like them all, and no matter which is chosen, we both enjoy watching. The lower right section in the orange, has been split into two sections. The first two rows below the player are a mix of 'shoot 'em up and scary', to which I demand something in trade, AND I will take a rain check! Seriously? Who could be in the mood after one of those movies?

Anyway, that leaves us with the bottom two rows. Those are just simply what we've put into the 'epic fail' category. Some of the absolute worse movies we've ever seen. Some we pop on just because they're THAT bad, others we just enjoy saying their title aloud for a good belly laugh. 

For those of you whose first reaction to to my photo was ‘WOW... That’s a lot of porn!”

Not gonna lie. I like how you think!

WHAT...? Kill me because I'm happy those very few that weren't expecting I'd post a pic of the eight 1.18L bottles of Tide laundry detergent I have stored in the hall closet!!

Holy Doodle. What the heck were you thinking? ... Is my halo on?...Nice and bright?