Monday, September 15, 2014

Anyone Else 'Happy Light' Hopeful?

Yesterday morning I sat up in bed to look at the clock. In doing so, my husband awoke. I immediately said… “Boy, it sure is dark out for eight thirty.” To which he immediately said, “…go back to sleep Rhondi. It’s only six thirty!” So I gave him a smooch, rolled over, and did exactly as I was told.

I know it's only September but for some reason I can already feel it coming. Those six weeks a year when 90% of the time I don’t know whether to wind my watch or wipe my ass. Don't laugh: I become totally discombobulated and my cheery disposition all but disappears. It’s absolutely awful.

So, in an effort to cope, last year after Hallow’een I got a ‘happy light’. This morning, with it pouring rain outside and two lamps on in my office, I dug the sucker out and turned it on. I dunno. Perhaps my waking in the dark yesterday (and working in the dark this morn) made me think that being proactive couldn't hurt. Hell, worth a try right?

Some don’t believe in them and others swear by them. I did use the one I aquired a little last year but not enough to form an opinion either way. What I DO know is with the summer we've had, I've got 'er plugged in and on stand by. I've officially decided to use it whenever I need a boost of light. Between it and the tanning bed I might actually make it through the winter.

Speaking of tanning, Goob stopped by this aft. He picked up his mail and I asked him if he'd get on a plane with me in November for a quick trip into the sun. His answer was what I expected. 'I could be down for that' he said. My next invite will be to Jukebox. 

Like I said to Goob... there's something to be said for not knowing where we're going until 24 hours before a plane takes off. I am recommending we pick three destinations and we do some sort of lottery to decide which wins. Either way, I know one thing for sure... I won't need to pack my happy light. 

Just my love for the sunlight & a really BIG smile!