Saturday, November 16, 2013

Our 4 Wheelin’ Christmas Elf!

Last night my husband and I got talking about the serious coinage jingle that is fast approaching with the upcoming festive season. Naturally, we began to reminisce. We both immediately agreed on a specific moment that will always be embedded in our book of amazing Christmas memories.

It was 1992; the twins had arrived the June prior, and it was their very first Christmas. Jukebox was totally off the rails with excitement (as every single retailer in North America targeted the wishlist of a child that was two & a half going on twelve). From the time the season started he was locked and loaded with wonderment. As a family, it truly was a very fun time.

Thanks for this beautiful Xmas morning memory Jukebox!
Taken: December 25th, 1992
Knowing his life had drastically changed, we wanted to do a little something special for him, to make this particular Christmas morning memorable. 

As we opened the downstairs door we asked him to lead the way.

His eyes became big as saucers as he tightly clenched his fists in front of his little body.

The look on his face was priceless.

"...HE BROUGHT ME A CAR...”  he squealed!

We can still see him bolting down the stairs, over the back of the sofa, throwing open the door on the sucker and hopping the hell in. As a parent, it still makes my heart skip a little beat. I find it amazing how we wanted to make the occasion memorable for him and in turn he produced exactly that kind of moment for us.

As I asked my son's permission last night to share this photo my husband had a quick reminder for the the not so little lad. "No matter what your mother writes tomorrow, I want you to promise me something" Tony said.

"I don't want to EVER hear you cherpin' me that I have NEVER bought you a car!!"

Typing that last sentence right there... Just made me smile.