Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Too Early A Tee Time Dear?

Tony on the 14th Tee.
 Taken: June 2013
My husband is one of the most natural athletes I have ever met in my entire life. Me? Not so much but I'll never give up!

We're both still active in midlife, and this time of year my personal focus is golf. I should probably mention that though my husband “likes” golf... it's solely because his wife "likes" golf. He's a brilliant golfer, yet baseball remains his true passion.

Mid June my husband and I went away for our first romantic golf getaway in forever. We'd only golfed together once in a couple of years, and in all fairness I had purchased new clubs, and seen far more play than he had.

We were playing 18; we wanted to swim & sun in the afternoon and enjoy a fine dining experience that evening so I booked our tee time for 8:45 in the morning.

I played an exceptional front nine and we were neck and neck at the turn. Then, on twelve, my man got a case of the tee block shanks. By the 16th, he was inconsolable. And by the end of the round the score told the inevitable. We cleaned our cart, loaded our clubs, and headed back to the resort.

Great round and a really great weekend ♥
June: 2013
We spent the rest of the day by the pool playing Yahtzee, enjoyed our late dinner reservation, as a result staying up well past our normal bedtime. 

When we woke in the morning, he rolled over and gave me a hug and a kiss and said “... I am so sorry that I fell asleep on you last night...” 

“It’s okay” I said. “but was that because I beat you at golf yesterday?” As we roared with laughter, our day began and we packed for home. 

Hey, lemee tell ya something. I love a really great night of passion as much as the next gal, but winning at golf - fair and square - for the first time in almost three decades? 


Well, maybe not a BAZILLION... But really, really, really LOTS!