Sunday, July 21, 2013

Orange You Going To Ask…?

You probably assessed from my post Friday night that I did NOT have a banner day. Pretty sure it wasn't the heat wave that did it, but rather the wave of heat (meaning my temper) that obliterated a couple of not so innocent bystanders.

What can I say? In the industry I work in, you either function at my pace or get the hell outta dodge. I wasn’t mean, I was assertive. I always try to give solid direction but once or twice a year I need to add a little volume for effect. Friday was ACDC opening for Led Zeppelin kinda loud. 

Bright side is that home is my haven. Knowing my frame of mind, my husband and daughter met me right after work so we could enjoy a nice dinner together. Instead I arrived home to an expensive dog buffet and some serious shock. Shit day at work, crap mess at home. There were tears.

I didn’t yell at the dog, nor say anything to anyone in the house. I just sat on the crapper in the ensuite and quietly wept. Great big tears. The kind that flow from disappointment. Disappointment in myself for yelling. Disappointment in myself for not locking up my fecking shoe cupboard.

Orange has always been my favourite flavour &
it's definitely one of my very favourite colours.
Taken: July 21st, 2013
As I quietly melted down my husband let me do just that and headed to town to run a couple of errands. 

Half an hour later I was in the kitchen with a jumbo straw in a 750ml bottle of Pinot Grigio when Tony walked in with a beautiful bouquet of roses.

Three years ago he would have simply asked “are we still going out for dinner?” 

Friday, he went and picked up dinner, and bought me these wonderful flowers.

What can I say? I started to cry again. “I know you had a really bad week” he said. 

Through my second wave of tears I put my arms around him, my head on his shoulder, and thanked him. I could only muster a handful of words which were…. I love you.

I AM a very lucky lady.