Tuesday, April 2, 2013


What do I love more than having a bubble bath? Making it a bubble bath for two!

I’m not talking when the dogs set their chin on the side of the tub, or my husband's standing over top of me asking if he needs to pick up the mail (or something at the grocery store). I’m talking about the very best kind...

You know the one? When you have to add more hot water because the first batch has cooled off, and you're both in such a relaxed state, that you don’t want it to end. My favourite thing? When  candles get lit, and you listen to music together. Better yet, where the mirror gets steamy, and your glass of wine remains chilled.

That right there is what I consider to be the perfect bubble bath. You know the type? The one you never make time, nor ever take the time, to have!

April 2nd, 2013 - Bubble Bath
Taken: Feb 5th, 2012
Hey... Aside from it being by favourite thing to do, I have to ask the question; do I get two points for the double B’s?

Hey look at me go!

Big Boobs
Beautiful Bracebridge
Bad Breath
Ball Breaker
BMLSS Broncos
Big Bird
Blackfly Bites
Baby Boomer

Better yet, how about BLISSFULLY BADGERING B for 3?

What can I say? Take the easy points when they're there for the taking! Lord knows that I have worked really hard for every single one I have ever earned and then some!!