Thursday, November 15, 2012

Walking Singing Bopping Thinking

When I left work tonight I was exhausted. A pretty good day all around but by the end I just wanted to head home and crawl into bed. Knowing that wasn’t an option I rallied. Thank goodness I had my walk home to look forward to; fresh air, brisk pace, and great tunes.

Walking tonight I was definitely in the zone. Not because a certain rhythm called my name but because it was cold outside and I am afraid of the dark. Seriously, the gully by the golf course totally freaks me out. The quicker the beat the faster I walk.   

Motivated I plugged in and fled. Peaceful Easy Feeling (Eagles), Save The Last Dance For Me (Michael Buble), Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (Monty Python), ending with Tears of a Clown (Smokey Robinson). My specific song lineup had me home about four minutes faster than normal. Impressive considering I was wearing heels and zero caffeine was involved.

Point of my post is that the last song unusually caught my attention. Tear of A Clown has been stuck in my head since I attended my very first Panda Game Weekend in Ottawa back in the fall of 1984. That said, tonight the lyrics resonated “the tears of a clown… when there’s no one around…”. As I arrived home and headed down the driveway I wondered; was it the beat of the song or the serious message that has had me obsessed for decades?  Without hesitation I knew my answer. Who cares?

The words in the song may describe how I've been feeling BUT I am pleased to report that I have another 573 song downloaded that I can listen to. Once again proving my glass is half full. 

Just the same, I found this interesting rendition of my song on YouTube. Still love the original the best. Sorry Smokey just keepin' it real...