Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thanks For The Memories

I have a big weekend coming up. If you must know it's because I am closing the Peacock’s Nest for the season. As I do every year, I've been watching the weather like and hawk. Tried all week to arrange one last cottage adventure but the forecast of snow confirms it's time. I'll give me an “E” for effort; I'd love to keep it open, but closing it down is the right thing to do.

Like any great story; this cottage season had a start, a middle, and an end. When I look back to this past winter ending, I was a little lost on how my next chapter would unfold. I celebrated my birthday with a bang and never looked back. I became focused. I dug in my heels and told myself that everything was going to be alright. As silly as it sounds, once my mind was made up it was as simple as that.

As an aside, I always try to include a picture with my post. Something that either inspires my thoughts or helps me understand where I'm at in the moment. This photo was taken in July 2007. I chose this particular photo for a reason.

Cottage Life July 2007
When I look at it, (myself then vs myself today) I can clearly acknowledge that am not the same person. 

Not because my life then was filled with darkness and now I have light; but since it was taken I've become a much more independent person far less controlling of my surroundings. 

I use to feel like a bit of a puppeteer. To compound that,  I never had the ability to let anything go. I no longer feel the compulsion of either. I honestly only worry about the choices I make. Guess that's why they are called "my choices".

This past cottage season I have met some amazing new people and enjoyed some incredible personal milestones. I promised myself I would do a back dive before the season ended and I did. All I can say is thank God I have an amazing Chiropractor. As bizarre as its sounds; as I pushed  my personal fitness boundaries he’s one of the things I am truly grateful for.

Thanks for the 2012 memories Orilla Lake. After this weekend, the next time you'll  see me I'll be wearing snowshoes, which in itself produces one of my favourite three word sentences...

 Fine by me!