Friday, November 2, 2012

I'll See Your Rake And Raise You A Shovel!

Well hello again and welcome to the official opening to my weekend from hell. I'm here to report that my list of things to do, is as long as the days will be getting everything accomplished. As I dozed off last night I was pretty sure the snow may impede my ability to get the fall leaves cleaned up. When I pulled in the driveway after work today, all I could verbalize aloud was "this is one hot mess!"

I honestly don't mind doing the leaves. I love the exercise as well as the fresh air. It's also the time of the year that you can really observe what going on in the back forty. It's wide open and absolutely beautiful. If it's a nice day, you may see a couple of deer or maybe even the resident fox. It really is great living in the centre of town and feeling like you're actually out in the country.

The fall leaves have been a bit of a bait a switch chore for me this year. For about the last month, I'd land home telling myself that 'I would start' but it seems something to better occupy my time always came along. Standing at the top of the hill tonight, I've some major regret that I have haphazardly postponed the annual task.

2011 Official Leaf Raking Day
WOW! If Mom's using a rake... we're gonna be here for a while!
Taken: November 29, 2011

Why the fret? Well, the yard gets dumped on so bad that every year the fallen foliage always gets shovelled. 

You read that right; I grab the big honkin' snow shovel out of the garage and go to town. Because the yard is quite large I also enlist the help of a 20’ x 20’ tarp (to load them onto and haul them over the hill & into the gully).

You're probably wondering why I don't use a leaf blower. Simple, the shovel is faster and easier on my ear drums. I was hoping we'd have one last sunny spurt to dry them out a little but I am thinking I'll have no such luck. My procrastination has them suckers thicker than a seven layer dinner and wetter than a ....never mind, you get my point.

So here I sit, staring at the screen, carefully weighting my options. Maybe I should call both high schools Monday and offer Community Service hours to students to clear my yard. That way, I can get up bright and early tomorrow, head to the cottage, and warm it up one last time before I shut it down. That leaves me Sunday (no pun intended). One whole day to get the "in town stuff" on my list done. All else fails, I'll can continue working on my list next weekend.

Wait a minute. Next weekend I am getting together with the HENS. I wonder if I can get high school students to clean out my garage and put up my exterior Christmas lights when they're done the yard?

There's no such thing as a bad question right?!