Thursday, October 4, 2012

Let The Festivities Begin...

One more sleep and Thanksgiving weekend will have officially begun. When it comes to holiday celebration, this upcoming weekend has always been one of my favourites. 

Before I had children, there would be some juggling between in-laws but nothing too crazy. After the children arrived, Poppa’s Camp became our Thanksgiving hike and Easter was always celebrated with Grandma & Grandpa Peacock. 

Thanksgiving 2009 - Grandma & Grandpa Peacock heading home...
As the kids grew, Orillia Lake would rotate with Lake Temiscaming for our celebration of Thanksgiving  festivities.

After my father passed, The Peacock’s Nest (weather pending) was the place to be. It was where the entire clan would land. 

Grandparents, even great grandparents made the trek. Aunts, uncles, boyfriends, girlfriends, cousins sister’s dog’s uncles twice removed, have all dined with us. It’s extremely tranquil this time of year. Hard to explain; it's like the water and air speak, warning you of a significant shift in nature.

In keeping with 2012 as the "year of change", I'd like to announce that I'm not sure what is happening this weekend. Dave’s trip north is more like a play date, and it seems we have conflicting work schedules all around. Either way, I’ll take lots of pics of my chicks no matter what.

Admitting I am a bit of a control freak, I feel a little unsettled in leaving my much needed itinerary with the weatherman. First red flag is that I am leaving it up to a man, second is a valid Rhondi concern. Have you ever noticed that the weatherman is the only guy that can screw up at his job 100% of the time and never get fired? Seriously! 

All kidding aside, Canadian readers have a Happy Thanksgiving. American readers, you’ll have to wait. Apparently the best deals at Macys follow a parade hosted a large corporate adverting base with distribution rights belonging to General Electric (aka NBC).