Friday, September 21, 2012

Why Does Time Fly?

Why do I do it? I finally made the effort to take time to unwind, then I stuff my schedule tighter than Spanx on Jabba the Hut! I’m tired. I have been tired since mid-August yet I still insist on pushing through.  My whirlwind adventure last night only proves that I am in fact a total sucker for punishment.

The only reason I am awake right now is that my golf game this afternoon was cancelled. If I would have golfed 18, I fear I would not have an ounce of energy left to make my trek back into the GTA.

I know it’s crazy but I'm heading back into Toronto until Sunday (don't fret, Monday is when the work really begins).

The house has been under renovation for more than a month, not to mention the twelve cord of wood in the driveway that must be piled. I have a technician booked to fix the ignition on the boat and then it has to be drained, wrapped and stored.

There’s a mountain of burning and clean up at the cottage that is driving me crazy; let's not forget a fridge, stove, floors and windows that need to be cleaned. Summer bedding has to get packed into the cedar closets and fall bedding has to get placed so that I’m ready for Thanksgiving weekend.

Then there's moi. I MUST keep up with everything electronic. I have three books on the go (all of which are average at best) but I have to make time to browse Pride & Prejudice at least once. What can I say, Mr. Darcy makes my heart skip a beat.

All and all, even I get tired reading my list of "things to do".  With all that work, what will I have to look forward to? Guess my appointment with my Chiropractor next week could very well be the high point - he’s great looking with amazing hands. At the end of the day, I am sure he'll make the short term pain worth the long term gain!