Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Appears I Am Going To Be OKEY-DOKEY!

This past weekend marked the end of my personal nine week challenge, which was to enjoy the cottage without the kids. As I climbed the 50+ stairs this morning in the dark, I was reminded just how quickly my time flew by.

Let me start by stating the obvious. I had fantastic 'challenge' weather. As a result, there was never a shortage of visitors. No matter if you arrived by car or by boat (you dined or you didn’t) the fact that we enjoyed time together is all that truly matters.

I'm a little embarrassed to admit that my nine weeks turned into a balancing act I’ve never had to endure before. There were no life jackets to find, no “he is/she is” cheating at Yahtzee fights to break up, nor any meals to be prepared on demand and by the clock. As selfish as it sounds, I loved it. My summer was perfect. To think that I worried at the start I would be lost. I am very pleased to report that I have found my way.

The fat lady officially sang late this past Saturday night. Kids having a blast while I was tucked into bed upstairs; I wasn’t worried for their safety, yet I really wished I’d have headed back into town for a good night sleep in my own bed. It was like a switch had flipped and I was released. That night changed me and everything came into focus.

For a number of reasons, 2012 will always represent a plethora of emotion.

Spring was superb; I'd leave work at lunch, head to the cottage, climb into bed for the afternoon and relax. The heat of the July took my commitment to exercise to the next level and I did my first back dive in over a decade. Oh, I read books; lots & lots of excellent books. My single guilty pleasure was that I refused to work every single weekend. This was definitely the cottage season for Rhondi.

Reflection, personal choices, and very fond heart-warming memories; may the leaves change and the water chill at the pace it chooses.  Makes no matter as I look to my next adventure...

I have some serious business to take care of which includes my downhill skis. Are you surprised that I can hear the circus music at Whistler playing really loud as I type?