Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Always Look To Yourself To Find The Answers...

I'm not gonna lie. I had a total crap day. My husband picked me up at work, took one look and me, and he knew it wasn't good. 

It wasn't a crazy bad day per say, just a crazy busy one, with some unexpected road bumps. I want to go on the record with the fact that I hate road bumps. No matter why or how they arrive - they just downright suck. 

So how does an exhausted, road bump rider like myself, take her glass from half empty to half full? As I soaked in my tub, I closed my eyes, looked inward and reflected then listed 25 things I know and understand about myself:

1. My life is complete because I am loved.
2. I have the most amazing and talented children.
3. I am one of the very fortunate in life that love what I do for a living.
4. I know that a hot tub & singing out loud, to my favorite song, will cure my woes at anytime.
5. I believe in God.
6.  I am a leader and I think that my skill set for business is genetic.
7. I feel a smile with my eyes is more important than words.
8. I know that theatre is far more rewarding for me than figure skating ever was.
9.  I have let certain people go & I miss them every single day.
10. I've had people use me and let them.
11. I've had people talk behind my back and let them. (Some I will never speak to again and some I have forgiven because I know they couldn't help themselves.)
12. I know that nursing both my parents to their death has changed my entire outlook on life.
13. I know I make mistakes and I try to learn from every single one of them.
14. I make an effort not to judge someone that hasn't "walked a mile in my shoes"...
15. I honestly feel Canadians need to pay more attention to politics.
16. I’ll take a "little great" in lieu of a "whole lot of nothing" any day.
17. I’ll pick Jane Austen over chocolate in a heart beat.
18. I hear circus music in my head on a regular basis.
19. I know stress shows itself in different ways.
20. I miss my mentors.
21. I know I'm strong on the outside. Fragile on the inside.
22. I love golf. My pitching wedge is my friend.
23. What you see is what you get.
24. I love fun... it's how I roll!
25. I am afraid of the dark. Always have been... always will be.