Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Define A True Friend…

Everyone hears what you say. 
Friends listen to what you say. 
True friends listen to what you don’t say

Last night after work I headed to a business/dinner meeting

When things were wrapping up I took the opportunity to get an update on a gentleman I 
define as a true friend. We’d lost touch in the last year or so - you know the drill - my 
job changed, his job changed, not to mention he now lives a bazillion miles away.

The point for the lapse is moot. I was shocked to discover that he’d had some pretty severe health issues recently with a very long road to recovery.

I won’t beleaguer everyone with the details; long story short, I picked up the phone today, called him and told him I loved him. It was like we spoke yesterday. I listened to everything he had to say to me about his situation but most of all I focused on what he didn't say. That gave me the real picture of how he's doing. 

Life is short folks. Far too short for regrets and losing touch for the people that make a significant difference in your life.

I’ll leave you with that - on this - the fourth day of 2012....