Tuesday, January 10, 2012

No Shit Men Are From MARS!

I’ve always considered myself a pretty good communicator.

That said, I know I tend to jump when it comes to subject matter.  In my defense, my “jumping” is an indication that far too much gibberish is happening. You know me, I always pontificate efficiency and productivity!

The point of my post started yesterday. I was communicating with a member of the opposite sex; very intelligent, professional, has his own teeth, well rounded bloke, when something went horribly wrong. With my options running out, I shook my head and rolled my eyes (you know… the “Rhondi Reset”) and I went at it from a different angle. Much to my dismay....nothing.

Why do men and women communicate so differently?

Is it communication or focus?

I'm not sure but either way no words can describe my/his frustration.

In the end it all worked out because we agreed to disagree. Good news is we will continue our banter, primarily because he feels I am "an odd duck".

Hey folks, my peeps know I've been called worse!