Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Countdown is On!

It seems the countdown is on to my much needed and seriously overdue vacation.

I have been so busy with work (and other things going on in my life) that I've spent zero time thinking about my trip and what it will offer.

You’ll be encouraged to know that I have started packing. I started with the suitcase I usually board a plane with, upgraded to her larger (much older more attractive) sister, and today purchased a “Big Momma” of a thing because... “I really do need to take THAT many pairs of shoes!"

As I gazed at my clothes on the bed, I thought about all the summers we’ve spent on Orillia Lake since 1999. Has owning a cottage in Muskoka filled the void of a winter vacation?

Without hesitation. Absolutely! I live - work - and cottage - within 15 minutes of the other. Life does not get any better than that! 

We've raised our children (and help raise other peoples children) on our lake. Lived there the summer of 2002 until our new house in town closed, perfected my golf swing from what is now the fire pit, and the Reid’s (plus Shane) next door are truly a part of our family.

I’m not sure why I am second guessing my trip to the Caribbean. Possibly because the amount of money being spent could purchase a very good/used pontoon boat for the dogs. Settle down, I'm kidding. The money could have been spent on something much more practical... 

...A hot tub for Rhondi!