Thursday, August 27, 2015


When I hopped out of bed at the house this morning, it was so damp and cold the my teeth were close to chattering. After I covered myself with my warmest bathrobe, I wandered and clicked the button on the coffee maker and let the dogs out. My immediate assessment was that it felt like a late fall day that was going to turn into a winter one at any moment.

Bound and determined not to whine out loud, I grumbled under my breath about the cost of hydro, which instantly rationalized my refusal to turn on the heat. Then, I put my slippers on over my fuzzy socks and grabbed my morning mug in anticipation of that very first sip of coffee.

Come here Santa. DO YOUR JOB!
TAKEN: AUGUST 27th, 2015
Just so we're clear, my mug choice for today was a conscious one. You see, my waking to the gloom that summer as I know it is over, I needed a push. A push toward the biggest false sense of phony euphoria and shameless cheer that exists: SANTA CLAUS!

Anyway, as I share that last comment, today proves me one of the masses. Someone trying to feel joy and a keen sense of love for this jolly ole man and his ability to give. You see, as I picked him up out of the cupboard, I decided to share my expectations with him and as I walked him over to the coffee pot, my words were very specific.

"SPREAD SOME GOOD CHEER,"  I yelled. To which, in that moment that I burst out laughing, he most certainly did.

Having said that, maybe I've been a tad tough of the fat little dude. After all, not only does he have an amazing memory and sense of direction. He doesn't bitch at his wife and follows instructions really well. Don't know about you but I've yet to meet any other man that remotely resembles that.

What? You know you were thinking it!!