Monday, August 17, 2015


As I’ve written before, I’ve put so many miles on our five seater pedal 'boat that floats' that I stopped keeping track of the actual mileage when I figured I’d gone across Canada and back again. The nightly ritual started years ago with my beloved Daisy Marie. There were so many neat little inlets I could tour with her, just to help satisfy her keen Beagle sense of smell. At the end of the day, it made our time together very memorable. 

Anyway, with Dot’s hind quarters all but gone, I find myself back in that same routine. This time, we trek so she can comfortably cool off on her own, without confrontation or angst from the other two dogs. She’s never been much of a swimmer but I sense now more than ever she feels relief when I set her into the water. She has a solid trust that nothing bad will happen when I’m the water with her. 

The moral of my post is that this is the 9th summer I’ve headed to this particular spot (at least once a week) and much to my surprise, as I walked along the shore Saturday night, I happened upon some beautiful flowers that I’ve never seen in bloom there before. Aside from their vibrant beauty, I wasn't surprised that it took ten years for them to get there, simply impressed that finally everything around them aligned and they did in fact get to bloom.

With that last comment front of mind, I had lunch with one of my closest girlfriends last week and when I wandered upon this beautiful splash of colour, I instantly thought of her. 

She and I have always talked openly about our journeys of self-discovery. All I’ll say is, though I may not look at life the way I did five or six years ago, I never put a time limit on finding myself; it was never a race for me but a truly wonderful journey. A journey which no one else can pen the ending to... but yourself. 

I really was in awe when I spotted this splash of red. My goodness, just look at these flowers. I wanted capture the moment to remind my friend how amazing is it that we've all blossomed. Everything always does, when all the right element fall in line, in their own time!

I can't speak to what took the flowers so long to get there but in my case I will say this.

...Midlife just seemed like the perfect time to bloom.

PS: Photo cred goes to my husband.
PSS: Wish he woulda/coulda/shoulda mentioned that I was losing my swim shorts.
PSSS: Ya Gotta Laugh About IT!