Monday, January 26, 2015


Does anyone truly know you? How’s that for a loaded question on this brisk winter day?!

I believe we only allow people to know the parts of our personality that suit/compliment that specific friendship (Business or otherwise) and its synergy. To totally oversimplify, I often choose the easiest route to get to know someone. Then, over time, I decide if they are a long term fit to remain in my personal life. I don’t know about you but for obvious reasons, I treat a true friend, an everyday friend, an electronic friend and an acquaintance very differently. 

So, having said that, other than my husband and children, I have a very small handful of people that truly know me. You know the type? Those that can ask and/or say anything to me and I will be completely honest and myself in my reply. Those I can share my fears, my excitement, my passions and my dreams with. I can do that, because over time, they have earned my trust. When tested, they were loyal. When challenged, they were honest. 

No hair, no makeup, no problem... He loves me no matter what!
TAKEN: DECEMBER 27th, 2014
So, back to my question. Who truly knows you?

Though a few come in a close second, my husband really does know me best. We’ve always got a lot on the go, yet still find the time to unconditionally be there for one and other. 

It's not like we discuss every little thing, we can just simply sense when one needs the other and we step up to the plate!

For instance, we were walking into the grocery store this weekend and my mind had been elsewhere for a couple of days. I was very quiet and my brow was heavy. I could feel that my shoulders were curving inward and my thought process 100% negative. Less than a dozen steps in, and without hesitation, he grabbed my hand. We simply looked at each other, smiled and continued walking. It felt amazing not to have to talk about it.

I'd like to think he grabbed my hand because he wanted to... but I'd been a pretty big bitch, so it could have been self-preservation on his part. At the end of the day (Cole's Note version) I suspect he didn't want to have to sleep with one eye open for fear I'd kill him in the night, so he gambled and went for my hand. I also envision him thinking, if  he grabed my hand, there'd be an outside chance he might hit the jackpot and get laid.

To put your mind at ease peeps, I am pleased to report he happily went to work this morning. HA...Told ya he knew me.

Ya Gotta Laugh About It!