Friday, January 16, 2015


Thank God it’s Friday, because I’ve had a very emotional week!

So, to always strive to remain self-aware, I'll admit that I know it’s the accumulation of a number of different things. The fact that I can both realize and admit that, helps me understand why I broke down and cried right before I left to come home this afternoon.

Since my feet hit the floor Monday, I've been on this roller coaster ride. A ride that has had me mired in the feelings of fear, shock, elation, sorrow, frustration, angst, happiness, laughter and love. I was telling Pete this afternoon about my deeply rooted quirks. I could see by the look on his face that he wasn't sure if he should think I’m brilliant, or bat shit crazy. As a true Entrepreneur, I can assure you that I am a solid balance of both.

Like most people, I have triggers. It's just that this week decided to serve each and every one of them suckers daily. (All-inclusive and as a three meal a day 'buffet'.) As a result, each day moved several different emotions within me depending on what that buffet was serving. Because I've conditioned myself with internalizing, my tears were just simply a release telling me I made it.

So I have to find my glass half full.... Let me see. It can’t be the wine I’m sipping, because my glass is more than half empty. It can’t be that the Raptors play tonight, because they always make my glass overflow. I think my moment will come tomorrow afternoon; when I strap on my snowshoes, grab the pups and trek over to the eighth tee on the golf course.

If I position myself right...?
My voice will go over the 8th green, right up the 9th fairway, then into the curling rink!

It will be there, that I scream extreme expletives at every single one of the emotions I have felt this week. If I do it right, one of two things will happen; I’ll either lose my voice, or I’ll get a round of applause from everyone at the curling rink participating in this weekends bonspiel.

She's a no-brainer. Ya gotta shoot for the round of applause… Right?

Because most people would give up once they've lost their voice. 

That's my glass half full.... I'm truly grateful that I'm not like "most" people!