Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Yardwork Pre-Nup Anyone?

For years I've joked with my husband that I would have never consented to signing a prenuptial agreement for money; frankly because we didn't have any. That said, I have gone on the record saying “...I SHOULD have signed one specifically addressing yardwork & snow removal!”

Keeping that long standing statement in mind, a month or so ago I posted something on Facebook about my husband making me mow the lawn. My mother in law quickly sent him a terse text message telling him he should be ashamed of himself. He quickly called her back and in loud voice announced “For crying out loud… SHE LIKES DOING IT!” 

EGAD she was long... Took me two days to mow it!!
Taken: August 18th, 2014
He’s right. I do. 

I know I need the exercise (that’s a given) but it's really something more than just that. It's personal time out in the fresh air, in the company of the sun and my very favourite music. The rumble of the mower is simply an added bonus. 

For me, doing the yard work, is like being alone in a beautiful sweaty stinky noisy bubble for a few hours. As silly as that reads, it kinda feels like a mini escape from the realities of my everyday life... That produces a very calm mindset, complimented by the aroma of freshly cut grass.

Then, living at the cottage, I let my chore lapse for over a month. Never had I so blatantly neglected my duties and I knew that completing said chore was going to be brutal. Actually, brutal understates what I had waiting for me. It was excruciating. Almost torturous!

With last winter's snowfall and this summer's rain, you have no idea how grateful I am that I have been able to save enough money to buy my very own snow blower for the coming season. Next up next Spring? Lawn tractor!

Carpe Diem...Is all I have to say!