Monday, August 25, 2014

I'll Take On Mr. Stay Puft Anyday!

By mid-week last week, I had this past weekend completely planned. The Honey-Do list was long and had been itemized in order of importance. Other than a last minute Business meeting at 10am Saturday, it was completely set. Then, once again, the Weatherman completely screwed up the forecast. Typical. This guy screws up on the job 100% of the time and never gets fired.

...Both the weather and the Stay Pufts
TAKEN: August 23rd, 2014
Anyway, that change in plans produced some much needed UV rays and the enjoyment of my very favourite summer treat. 

Here goes. I am going to go on the record with the fact that I truly believe roasting the perfect Stay Puft jumbo marshmallow takes some serious skill as well as a splash of hidden talent!

There are simply so many variables to take into consideration. The wood choice for your roasting stick (as well as which species to use to create the perfect coals), wind velocity as well as managing its direction, not to mention having nerves of steel and the patience of Noah.

I remember when the kids were small (and before we owned a cottage) we had a fire pit in the backyard. As the kiddies burnt their treats to a crisp using the wire hanger I'd unfolded for them as a roaster, my daughter inadvertently flung one of her treats while trying to fan out the flames. Screaming at the top of her lungs, we quickly realized her angst was because it had landed in the middle of our dog Toby's back.

As the dog literally glowed about the Saturday night moonlight, my cat like reflexes ensured he wasn't burnt. Didn't even singe any of his fur. The quick action was not only for his safety, but to get to it before he could. Lord knows, he most definitely would have eaten it.

Boy, that was a long time ago. I'm smiling. It feels like it was yesterday.

Pleased to report that nothing like that happen last Saturday night. This generation of Pups expect to be served their freshly roasted Stay Puft's before I even get mine. What can I say? Guess they know wearing them is sooo 1990's.

... And just totally out of fashion!