Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Came Early For This Cat…

You know what? I got up this morning and went to work. Then, after about an hour, decided I didn't want to work any more in 2013 and that was that. Christmas came early for me this year and it feels really great.

As you all know I have been transitioning since last summer. I wasn’t exactly sure where I’d land but at the end of the day I ultimately knew I was in search of a couple of very specific things. An understanding and appreciation for my skill set was up there but being happy superseded everything else on my wishlist.

I know I always joke that 'you should aim low to avoid disappointment’. Truth of the matter is that disappointment come in all shapes and sizes, every single day, to everyone including yours truly. So, I guess I realized last night that no matter how this transition happened, there would be disappointment surrounding it; with those that gained great wealth from my skill set, with those that didn't listen (nor wanted to hear) the warning signs, and particularly with those I left behind.

There will be talk and chatter about how everything unfurled: that’s just human nature. I know for a fact that those with the biggest egos will point fingers about how they were right. Again, I land at the amazing ones I left behind. The one’s I empowered to reach for something greater, that never had any support before I arrived there 3+ years ago.

As I shovelled the driveway a third time today - this was my view.
What can I say? I really can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Taken December 12th, 2013
They say timing is everything and yesterday I had a pre-planned lunch with one of my very favourite clients. 

On our way to the restaurant I took a call from my husband & I explained that I had packed everything up and it was done. 

With my client in shock, over our meal we talked about my decision as well as the nepotism that always runs rampant in a family business.

I explained why I felt the way I did but also admitted that when anyone leaves a job it’s like pulling a finger out of a glass of water, the water automatically fills back in. His response was “Oh, Rhondi… but with you... it’s like pulling out an entire fist that's been submerged to the elbow!”

...Guess you know why he will always be one of my very favourite clients.

Wish me luck!

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