Tuesday, August 25, 2015


This morning I woke up in dire need of a rain slicker/fuzzy socks wardrobe combo.

Then, as my morning coffee perked, I began gathering up all the things that have to head home with me in the morning. While packing things up in the back bedroom (a room where things usually get unpacked) something triggered Dot and she instantly went under the radar.

I think Dot is sensing her summer is coming to an end.
TAKEN: AUGUST 25th, 2015
Not a big deal, because she rarely leaves the property alone but when my calls and promises of chicken wieners and cookies wouldn’t lure her to the top deck, I grabbed my camera. You see, from the time I eventually spied her from my desk, I watched her in the on and off rain, for almost 4 hours.

I know she loves her silly boat that floats but we've never gone out in the morning, so I’m not sure what was going on in the pretty little head of hers.

It’s a given she doesn’t want to leave here, who the hell does?! Yet, as I watched her, I couldn't help but wonder if she’s sensing that this may be her last hurrah: her one last good summer at the cottage. Either way, it was tough to watch her out there all alone in the rain.

I don't think you're human if you don't want what's best for your pets; but like any senior winding down, she has good days and bad days. All I know is that I sense she knows her summer is going to be cut short and it is.

Aside from spending Saturday evenings tooling around in her ride, she’ll be banished back to a life in the gully behind our house. Which leads me back to my original question. 

Who the hell’s gonna tell Dot? Anyone…? …Anyone?