Monday, August 10, 2015


It's hard to explain how my mind has been at ease about my new direction since it was solidified almost a month ago. Though I know I can be dominant at times, when it comes to big life moves, I’ve always tried to look at things with a level head and extreme methodical calmness.  In this particular instance, I've evolved to a completely new level of well being; one that I've never experienced in my professional life before now. Could it be because my outlook on life has shifted? By making this small tweak, could all of my stress and angst have absolutely disappeared? The answer is YES!

Don't misunderstand, that doesn’t mean I won’t stand up and fight for what I believe in or what’s rightfully mine. I just know any faint desire I may have to be emotional and/or allow myself to be bullied isn't even remotely an option. You see, emotion isn't what is going to win this specific race; it will be the truth and the very well documented hard facts. Nothing more, nothing less. Oh, the silly little games people choose to play... *sigh*

May I present the only "Flamethrower" we own!
TAKEN: AUGUST 5th, 2015
Disappointments aside, I think most will be surprised to read that it’s my husband that's livid at certain people I trusted. Guess you could say he wants to "take a flamethrower to..."

KIDDING, he doesn't even own his own flamethrower. Unless you count the citronella torch we use when we play Canasta out on the deck & I'm confident he'd never want to give that puppy up.

You see, we need it on over drive to battle the hearty brood of mosquitoes that are still hanging around the cottage in the middle of freaking August!

Ya Gotta Laugh About It…