Tuesday, June 2, 2015


With all the things I have in my life moving at the speed of sound, I decided last week that I finally needed to deal with my hair. As you know, my locks are the complete and total bane of my existence. For what it's worth, my hair brings to mind the 15 year old cat living on the back of Granny's sofa: it simply does what the HELL it wants!

Rant extinguished, I'll continue.

With a change in my look being front of mind, this week was the very first time I'd ever taken before and after pics when it came to getting my hair cut. It wasn’t a ‘selfie’ thing, more so as a market research type of approach to satisfy an inner curiosity. I wanted to ask people that I share all my pics with (the good, the bad, the ugly) their opinion. In essence, was my hair that bad, or should I just leave it be?!

My chosen panel, was of four. All familiar with my personality and all familiar with my Blog, they still gave me their dead nuts honest opinions. The first admitted, without any hesitation, that I looked like a hag & most definitely needed a complete and total makeover. The second questioned my sanity for even wanting to touch my locks with a pair of scissors, which was understandable based on the case they made and the big words they used. The third deemed me lucky for having options: you see, he’s bald and his core goal this time of year is to NOT get a sun burn. The fourth was obviously opinion of my husband.

Hair today... Gone tomorrow.
TAKEN: JUNE 1st & 2nd, 2015

He knew I was heading to see my hair Guru, we'd chatted about it. But, when I carefully reminded him at bedtime that he hadn’t noticed that I’d gotten my hair cut, he didn’t miss a beat. “Never noticed that I trimmed my eyebrows yesterday morning,” he said. “So I guess we’re even!”

The fact that I could immediately reply "so sad that you neglected to trim both your nose and ear hair at the same time..." had us both laughing. 

That scenario is how you truly spend more than half your life with another.

Simply keep the other laughing!