Saturday, June 6, 2015


Have you ever heard the story about the man that was absolutely and unequivocally in love with his favourite shirt? You know the one, where he gets so attached that he actually beams when he wears it? So much so,  that when his buddies ask... “Did you just get laid?” He automatically and very proudly boasts... “Nah, it’s the shirt!”

Now you're up to speed on me and my relationship with my Muskoka Bear Wear hats. Those puppies (no pun intended) have been everywhere with me. The pic I am sharing today is one I tweeted last November. It was my fave and it saved me from a sunstroke while on vacation in the Caribbean.

It's not only protected me from nasty UV rays, it's shot amazing rounds of golf, fashionably saved me from embarrassment when I didn’t have time to colour my roots, not to mention the fit WAS so gosh darn comfy!

The BEFORE & AFTER of my favourite hat.
That’s right, past tense. No point in crying over spilled milk, or in this instance a favourite hat that has been decimated.

When I first found the brim of my beloved chapeau chewed to shit, I was upset. Then, I calmed down and realized the obvious. Though a larger in stature flat coat retriever, Annie is still just a very young pup. A toddler, for lack of a better reference.

As I watched my hat get carried around the yard (seems she’s become as attached to that sucker as I was) I had to laugh. The only difference between how she & a real toddler would play with my hat is that the child would simply gum it to a slow death. I'd have thrown it into the dishwasher and been no worse for the wear.

When it comes to Annie, I'll be picking up pieces of pink until the snow flies!

Serves me right for being the 'Crazy Dog Lady'….!